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tv   Action News  ABC  June 8, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> there's water everywhere in brewy town where a major water main broke overnight. plus the police are sorting out details of a deadly shooting on the roosevelt boulevard. sore loser, the owner of california chrome is being called after his horse failed to win racing's triple crown. much controversy there. none in the weather department today. chris sowers joining us with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's a beauty out there. let's go live on sky 6. cape may, right now that is about as nice as you're going 0 to get. we have a gentle sea breeze. temperatures are close to 80 degrees on beach. we're seeing quite a bit of sunshine. the numbers across the region everybody give or take 80 degrees. philadelphia 82 to be exact. 8 2 in millville.
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76 on the boards in atlantic city. the wind is running parallel to the beach that's enabled it is areas to get as warm as they have been. reading, 83. allentown, 81. at satellite and radar, no complaints out there. this system will stay to the west throughout the day. it will arrive after midnight tonight and and that before us showers and quick hitting thunderstorm and one or two producing a good gust of wind but nothing too terribly heavy. sun and clouds the remainder from accuweather. yesterday we have a high of 84. today we'll see a high of 87 degrees. a sea breeze will develop in the next hour or two. they turn downhill this weekend in the seven-day forecast we have a threat of showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday, brian when he come back i'll have the details on that, brian. >> enjoy today. thank you chris. philadelphia water department crews are in the midst of a big
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cleanup today to fix a water main break. the "action news" cam was on it is scene atmosphere 27th an masters street in brewerytown. so much on the latest on the repairs and the mess it made we go to amy buckman in brewerytown. >> reporter: good afternoon we are at the intersection of 27th an master. yesterday at this time you could have driven through this intersection. today not so much. take a look at the size of this hole in the roadway behind us. it is gigantic filling up practically the entire intersection. you see workers from the water department here starting to do preliminary work to get this thing repaired. it has been a mess. this was the scene at the intersection of 27th and master streets around midnight last night. water was rushing out of a broken 36-inch transmission main rushing down master street looks
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like a river. >> i it was happy it was running the other way down the the hill towards the park. >> the water was just going, i didn't think it was that bad, now i see all the water is gone it's really that bad. >> reporter: the good news for residents in the brewy town neighborhood it wasn't the pipe that brought water to their houses, so their service was not interrupted. except for one house they had water in their basement. >> we saw water in our basement, it was like an ocean. >> reporter: the corner storm one block down from the break staged major basement flooding, by the time the family was called much. invent to her and storage in the basement was floating around and ruined. the water got as high as the 5th cellar step. back live looking at what remains at the water main break.
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bills intersection the septa route 7 bus has been detoured. neighbors say there's several schools in the neighborhood this is a busy intersection for school buses as well. it's a neighborhood of one way streets. it's going to be a big inconvenience. the water company doesn't know when they will have it fixed it's going to be here for a while. >> road rage may have sparked a deadly shooting overnight. they say someone on a motorcycle shot a woman on the west boulevard in feltonville around 11:30. the 43-year-old man was killed. a 31-year-old woman is in critical condition. police say they are speaking to someone but haven't charged anyone yet. there were numerous motor psyche him also around the scene when they arrived.
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details are sketchy, but police say someone tried to rob a walmart this morning. police got word of the theft at this store after 2 coal 30. no word on the description of the suspect or confirmation that anything was taken. we do know, though, no one was injured here. we have information on the deadly crash involving need comedian tracy morgan. the man that caused the extra are that left morgan and two others in critical condition has turned himself into police. james mcnair one of his closest friends did not survive. a tractor-trailer ran into morgan's chaufferred limo bus setting off a chain-reaction pileup in cranberry new jersey. >> i heard tracy screaming for help, i couldn't reach him. >> roper was driving a walmart
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tractor-trailer and didn't see slow-moving traffic ahead of him. he is jailed on $50,000 fine. you can see coverage around the clock on the 6abc news app. we have photos from the scene, the latest on the investigation and pictures from tracy morgan's comedic and acting career. you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. in camden, police are looking for the person who shot the driver of a car early this morning. the driver was hit by one bullet plowed into the wall of a building in the 700 block of sycamore avenue leaving a hole there. the people in the buildings were displaced saturday. the wounded man in is critical condition at the cooper university hospital. drivers along i-95 can expect more construction work starting tomorrow. penndot begins rebuilding a 1 1/2 mile section of the northbound lanes between girard and allegheny avenues.
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212 million-dollar project includes rebuilt ramps and retaining walls. crews will work between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. penndot will be doing several projects on i-95 until the summer of 2018. you can expect a case of powerball fever to grip the region. the jackpot jumped to $257 million. nobody won, here's the numbers in case you missed them. 28, 30, 35, 58, 59, the powerball was 15. the power play was 2. the next drawing is wednesday night, you can see it live during "action news" at 11:00 p.m. philadelphia 26th annual pride festival is underway and the lgbt community has more to celebrate. same-sex marriage is legal in pennsylvania. sky sky looking live at penns
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landing where the festival will culminate later today. there will be a parade through center city they will stop at independence hall where several couples plan to get married. hundreds of runners are in fairmont for a half marathon odyssey. it's 13 miles long. runners raised money for student run philly style mentoring and runners program. saved by a matter phone app. a man on the brink of death talked together with a person who used his phone to save his life. >> the mann center has something for everyone this summer. >> reporter: we have something for everyone in the weather department as well. the humidity returns in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast so do the showers and thunderstorms, i'll have the details from accuweather when we
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come right back.
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>> okay be honest when was the last time you sported a swimsuit. for lots of us it's been a while. according to the survey by the weight loss company. nearly a third of americans haven't worn a swimsuit in public for five years. the research director said for lots of people putting on a bathing suit is one of the most intimidating experiences they can imagine. if there's one day to shed that change it might be today. >> reporter: it's beautiful out there, sun shining brightly. there's the view of the
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philadelphia international airport. temperatures are up into the low 80s. we have comfortable humidity levels and a little bit high, thin clouds overhead acting as a canopy shading us from the direct rays of the sun. documents have come down, it was creeping up there this morning. it's back into the 40s. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. pressure reading under 30 inches. 82 for millville. philadelphia and trenton, allen to -- allentown, 81. on the beaches sea isle and atlantic city, 80 degrees. sat light and radar composite clear skies across the most of the eastern half of the united states, but the clouds are starting to build to the west. this will give way to showers and thunderstorms after midnight tonight. unfortunately that system will sit over top of us the next several days and provide provide us with wet weather.
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high pressure is in control today. that means another nice one coming up here. winds out of the southwest. the ocean temperatures is warming up. the beaches are mild this afternoon. combination of sun and clouds. the two frontal systems sit over us tonight into monday and tuesday, probably pushing back to the as well as in the form of a back door cold front for wednesday back to the northeast and sit back over top us again for thursday and friday. i'll show you what that means with future tracker. clouds increase and they loran thicken and showers -- they lower and thicken and showers break out tonight in the northern and western suburbs. in the lehigh valley looks like it's raining pretty good at this point. more showers tomorrow north of the city. a frontal system sits overtop of us, here comes monday, showers and thunderstorms over the i-95 corridor into the arching and
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evening we'll do it all over again tuesday this thing is sitting over us, 6:30, more showers and thunderstorms, we reload again, tuesday afternoon and potentially for the first part of wednesday depending on how far to the southwest that frontal system pushes. so, again, weather looks great out there right now, but it will turn downhill as we move along into the workweek. 80 degrees for the poconos. jersey shore with the temperatures being always mild always they are, 67, 68 give or take even with a sea breeze it will keep temperatures much milder than the past several weekends. sun and clouds for the jersey shore, 80 degrees. philadelphia, combination of sun and clouds, warmer day, 87. winds out of the south/southwest at 5 to 10. 62 degrees overnight tonight, 64 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you'll notice a lot of showers and thunderstorms here, but doesn't
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app as if every single day here will be a washout. couple of days we have to keep an eye to the sky. 80 degrees for monday, humid, showers and thunderstorms around. tuesday, same thing. wednesday, a comfortable day, 82. thursday and friday, the humidity creeps back up, more showers and thunderstorms, the temperatures are warmer, but the good news it gets out here in time for the weekend, we could be talking about the lovely weather next saturday don't forget to tune into "good morning america" all this week because our good friends and colleagues cesily tynan and adam joseph will be holding down the for fort there. they are filling in for ginger zee who got married yesterday congrats to her. well, if you have not been to the mann music center this summer might be the time to change that.
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it has undergone a facelift and it is jam-packed with everything. here's david murphy with 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: this summer season at the mann is packed with county music, classical music, r&b and pop. there's willie nelson and widespread panic and to the new edition with all the original members. while the star acts are a big draw, some of the summer staples are what keep fans coming back. >> there's nothing more magical than the great philadelphia orchestra playing one of the most beloved works of all music ever, that's the ode to joy from beethoven's ninth. >> reporter: the highlight may be the legendary diana ross who makes a stop june 25 as part of
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her in the name of love tour. >> you'll see her most amazing costumes and all other songs that we know. >> reporter: with upgrades to the audio animal improvements to the landscape and new seating and skyline stage, the experience is better than before. you walk away with this tremendous feeling of humanity and freedom and something very special. >> reporter: form tickets and concert times go to the arts in or go to the click on the sections tab at the top of the homepage
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>> coming up on 12:21 on this sunday afternoon, 80 degrees as we look live sky6 live hd in center city philadelphia. on the way up to 87. in the 80s up and down the jersey shore, a sunday stunner on tap. in "healthcheck" this noon, military veterans have a revolutionary new answer from stopping bleeding from gunshot wounds on the battlefield. medics need 3 to 5 minutes to do it by applying pressure on the our side of the wounds. x stat works within seconds. >> you take the device, it shoots a sponge into the wound and it rapidly expands and stops the bleeding. >> the invent at inventors were
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inspired by dry sponge they watched in the water. every drop of blood saved on it is battlefield raises a wounded soldier's life's chances. smart phone apps saved drew bassy of oregon who want into cardiac arrest. a security guard found him and called 911. pulse point alerted people nearby who are cpr trained. among them an off duty firefighter who is working out near a gym nearby. >> it turned off my radio and gave me a series of beeps, i got a map location and i could walk toward the address and it would follow me on my gps. >> when scott got to me, i wasn't breathing, i had no pulse, if he hadn't performed
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the cpr. i wouldn't be here right now. >> because of the fast cpr. it was his first save since the fire department joinedment pulse point network last year. >> there's much more to come today including sports. the phillies can't put together back-to-back wins. we have details of a frustrating game that got the manager
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>> the phillies posted another loss last night. this one came as the skipper went down swinging. jeff skeverski has that and all today's sports. >> reporter: the phillies have been the worst team in the
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league over the last month they are off to their worse start in the last 14 years. for the most part they have no one to blame except themselves. you could point the finger at the umps. first point it at the pitchers. phils fell behind 6-2. back they come, carlos ruiz leads off the 6th with a solo homer. phils are within 3. later in the npg dom brown -- inning dom brown doubles to right center. phils argue that the catcher was blocking home before he had control of the ball which is against the rules of the road the play is overturned. you cannot argue a replay. it's a huge run considering what happens next. in the 7th a 2-run bomb it could have been a tieing homer instead phils down 1. later in the 7th chase utley,
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ruiz trying to score all the way from first, he is thrown out, too. wow, two potential runs out at home, it's a game of inches phils lose 6-5. more bad news after the game, the phils reliever mike adams with inflammation to his rotator cuff. the kid who can throw over 100 miles per hour. the phils call up pitching prospect ken giles from lehigh valley. else 23 years old, his fast ball is recorded as high as 103. that nasty cramp in game one was not why labron james was running behind practice and dwayne weighed calls him out --
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dwayne wade calls out on delaying practice. >> you want to get to practice, bro. >> labron taking a shot at alan iverson, yesterday was his birthday, game two. coverage begins at 7:30 as the heat tries to even the series at a game apiece. nascar 400 series denny hamlin is on the pole. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> another half-hour of "action news" is still ahead. former taliban prisoner bowe bergdahl is talking about his five years in captivity. co-owner of california chrome is continuing to sound off about losing the triple crown.
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>> happening right now on "action news," a drexel hill man is under arrest for allegedly luring a woman with a fake craig's list ad. >> penn state's new president tells "action news" about setting a new course without forgetting the school's legacy. >> reporter: it's almost time to go swimming and the city of trenton is considering contracting out the management of city pools.
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i'm nora muchanic that's coming up. >> more on those stories in just a moment, but first we go outside for a check of accuweather forecast. chris sowers with nothing but good news. i was talking to you earlier, i said yesterday was a perfect ten and today a 9 1/2. today is perfect 10. it's the month of june, we're showing 82 degrees, comfortable humidity levels, high, thin cloud cover overhead. 82 in millville. 82 for dover. 82 in trenton. boardwalk has cooled off as sea breeze kicked in. we're down to 77. sea isle 77 degrees. we'll zoom into the jersey shore. ship bottom, 75. beach haven 75. inland at the airport, 81. ocean city has cooled back to 77. same number for avalon,
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wildwood, 81. cape may, 71 degrees, look at that water temperature off the coast of cape may, 72 degrees. forecast for the rest of the afternoon and the city, 87 degrees, combination of sun and clouds, a nice one out here, for the jersey shore mostly sunny with the sea breeze kicking in 80 degrees, temperatures falling back from there. in the poconos nice and comfortable under a mostly sunny sky with a high of 80. with that said we have changes this week it turns more humid there will be several chances of showers and thunderstorms, so, brian as i send it back inside to you, i will steal your words when i say we have a sunday stunner, but that sunday stunner turns into a monday bummer. >> police in upper darby are looking for more possible victims of a drexel hill man who allegedly lured a woman with a fake craig's list ad. he posted a fake ad looking for
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a home healthcare worker. when an 18-year-old answer the the ad investigators say cornish went through a full interview we are. he offered her the job and instead of having a contract for the job he had a contract for an escort service. >> she said i didn't come here for this, i came for a job as healthcare. he said you sign it, he made her strip niewld and took -- nude and took pictures of her while she was nude and he raped her. >> cornish's home was searched and they found more escort documents. they are looking for the women to see if he did the same thing to them. he is in jail. police are looking for this missing man, leroy hurling he
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was last seen on lindbergh boulevard in southwest philadelphia. if you know any information about hurlings whereabouts contact police. california chrome tried and failed to take home that triple crown. horse racing's biggest and most elusive achievement. it tied for 4th place. none of the top three if i finis in the belmont stakes railed in both the kentucky derby or the preakness. it did not sit well with the co-other than. >> this is not fair to the horses that have been in the race since day 12. chrome sustained a bloody gash to his right front hoof at the start of the race. trainer said that might have hurt his chances. the injury is not serious.
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the fbi and other agencies are investigating threats against the family of former taliban prisoner bowe bergdahl. they will not release any other details except to say the family is being monitored. the hometown has been swamped with hate mail and angry calls since bergdahl was swammed for five taliban prisoners. he said he was torture add held in a cage for trying to escape. officials say bergdahl is not emotional ready to return to his family. egypt former army chief was sworn in today as the country's new president. the inauguration comes less than a year after he owled mohammed
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morrisi. the president is expected to expand pay as you earn program. it's only open to those who started borrowing after october 2007 and kept borrowing after october 2011. there could new orders to make it easier to avoid defaulting on those loans. penn state's new president is talking to "action news" about taking on the job amid controversy. dr. eric baron a former dean and professor was president of a florida state he left while that university was in the midst of a sex scandal. at happy valley he has the job of repairing penn state's reputation after the dusk dusk dusk -- sandusky scandal. >> i didn't look at penn state that way, i looked at it what it's like today that's very
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powerful. >> he has not spoken to joe paterno's family about what, if anything, he'll do with regard to the late coach's legacy. we'll work on mending the relationship with alumnae and fans. >> from our new jersey newsroom in trenton today, youngsters in that city can get their swimming gear ready. the city pools will be open. nora muchanic complains the plan. >> reporter: the city of trenton is looking to have an outside entity open and run it's swimming pools this summer. the local ymca is looking to do it for a fee of 205,000. it. >> typically it cost 250 to $207,000 to run the pool. we'll take on all the ownership to make sure it runs well. >> reporter: he said under the proposed contract the y would train lifeguards to maintain the four pools. a 5th one is closed down
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because it leaks a foot of water a day. >> from our prospective the pools must open in the summer contracting out was the best way to do that. we don't have the manpower to do it. it's easier for us with the new administration coming in july 1, i believe this is the proper way to do this. >> reporter: trenton's recreation department used to run the pool and had 25 to 35 employees now there are none, just a volunteer who answers the phones. ymcas are known nationally for running pools like this one on pensing ton avenue. >> to have an organization like ourselves making sure sure the pool run sufficiently. >> reporter: many believe it's important to do what is necessary including outsourcing to make sure kids have pools this summer.
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>> children need something to do. half of the kids in the city, their parents can't afford to send them to summer camps, so they need a place to go. >> reporter: the pools will be open for the july 4th weekend. >> hundreds of people got an early start today for a worthy cause. the stride for stroke run/walk hit a milestone this year. the 5k race brings in money to support stroke victims and their caretakers. some of those running and walking served as an inspiration having survived strokes themselves. the area's biggest pet adoption events continues today at the pet smart in plymouth meeting. all paws on deck has a in and outiccal theme -- in and nautice
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this year. organizationers hope 400 pellets will be adopted before closing time at 6:00 p.m. tonight. much more to come on "action news" this sunday. not much tops a world class soccer game, but mother nature found a way to do. a chester county man is on a cross county mission to thank some special americans. a live look today sky6 live hd over wilmington, delaware, meteorologist chris sowers with your full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues on a beautiful sunday.
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>> mother nature threw a little something unexpected into a soccer match in brussels. the game between belgium and continue -- tinisia through some
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golf-ball size hail on the field. tournment starts thursday. >> reporter: i'm not sure when the americans play, i know it starts off thursday. big tournment. >> it's huge, yeah. >> reporter: let's get you outside, showing you what's going on brian a lovely day look at the view in cape may. you see the folks on the beach enjoying themselves. you have a nice little sea breeze starting to kick in. there's not much of a chop out there. it's a picture perfect finish to the weekend. 84 degrees. documents have come down, look at this number this is 49. this is outstanding for june we'll take the wind out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. pressure reading 29.6 inches. trenton, 82. allentown, 81. reading 83. winds out of the southwest they are moving in just like anywhere
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from 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's running parallel to the jersey shore. that's partly of the reason why it has taken so long for the sea breeze to kick in. it will allow temperatures to climb to 80 degrees on the sand. this system 589 it's racing east -- this system, at it althh it is racing east, it will be blocked. this will be the focal points for numerous showers and thunderstorms tuesday. it will push back to the as well as it's what we call a back door cold front it clears the delaware valley and slides towards the appalachians again. wednesday a nice day, temperatures are cooler with highs in the 70s and 80s. then with he get into thursday and friday, this front which will be sitting over the appalachians will get picked up by another approaching front out
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of the northwest and they will both sit over top of the delaware valley that means we reload the showers and thunderstorms for thursday and friday. so doesn't app as if all four days, monday, tuesday, thursday friday will be a wash, but we'll see our fair share of showers and thunderstorms out there. clouds will lower and thicken later this afternoon. couple of showers are possible overnight tonight after midnight. this is 5, 6, 7:30 a.m. you can see the showers some of them heavy especially north and west. city. you may want to allow yourself extra time to get into work tomorrow morning. monday afternoon showers and thunderstorms scattered throughout the area. not everybody will see them, but those that did there could heavy downpours out there. we'll do the same thing all over tuesday. lehigh valley lots of sun, high, thin clouds, 85. comfortable degrees, atlantic city, highs around 80 degrees you're there now, with the sea breeze you'll pull back a little bit. 76 by 2, 3:00.
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philadelphia, sun and clouds, warmer high high of 87 degrees,s out of the south/southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight showers and thunderstorms developing after midnight. 62 degrees outlying suburbs, 64 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast real nice one today, a real bummer tomorrow, numerous with showers and thunderstorms around 80 degrees, some sunshine for tuesday, but still a threat of a thunderstorm, 83. more showers and thunderstorms brian for thursday and friday. >> unsettled week, criminals, thank you with that -- criminals, with that in mild you can -- you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> you don't have to wait for the zombie apocalypse it's already underway. the undead have overtaken the city in spokane.
12:47 pm
many think it's great for spokane's reputation orioles say it's disturbing. in detroit 20 goats are causing a stir. a millionaire investor bought them to eat the grass in an abandoned neighborhood. the entrapreneur was talking about using the handle for urban farming, so he doesn't understand what the all the fulls is a .
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>> welcome back, coming up on ten minutes to 1:00 p.m. live look at the platt bridge through sky 6. good news there, that bridge is back open now. a little bit ahead of schedule crews have been reassure facing
12:50 pm
facing -- reassure facing. the diamond jubilee state coach was used to take the queen to parliament. it has a thousand years of british history. it is on display at buckingham palace. ivan stolz fass and auctioneer is driving coast to coast in a 1948 john deer tractor. he opens to raise $1 million in the process for the wounded warrior project. my heart has been going out for those guys coming back and trying to fit back in
12:51 pm
civilization. i meant to bring awareness and let them know we care. >> one wounded vet gave him his purple heart as a thank you for doing the drive. he hopes to reach the pacific ocean in september. an unwanted piano is coming to life say senior center. >> reporter: the seniors is coming alive with the restoration of an old piano found in the dumpster. >> i used to play in school and in church. >> reporter: janey walker and sylvia loved it so much they help the other women who build the allegheny adult day care center to form their own choir. ♪ >> we have here my mother
12:52 pm
played for the churches around the neighborhood. i started banging around. what makes that banging around all the moor special is how they came to have a piano in the first place. when the center open in the january the man in charge of plans and low logics found it. >> max had to rehang the keys and put a finish on it and had it tuned and they put it to the test. what makes this story even more remarkable is that both women suffer from dementia, they often can't remember the details of their day. the long term memory is in tact. >> i've been doing ever since i was a child in church arena in school. >> reporter: the center's director said it was appropriate that max saw the value in the old piano and salvaged it. >> we find value in the seniors
12:53 pm
that live here in philadelphia and we help them to maintain their independence in the community. ♪ god bless america >> lisa thomas-laurey channel 6 "action news." >> pretty awesome. when "action news" continues today an update on our top stories, plus a last look at the accuweather forecast just a
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>> back with a final look at the top stories on "action news," one man is in custody for a possible road rage shooting
12:56 pm
that left a man dead. police say a gunman opened fire on a man and woman on the boulevard in feltonville. the woman is in critical condition today. "action news" was there as water gushed from an open main at 27th and master street in the brewy section of philadelphia. the intersection is closed. some water damaged a home and corner store there. georgia truck driver kevin roper is being held on $50,000 bail after the crash that seriously injured actor tracy morgan and two others on the new jersey turnpike. the crash killed james mcnair that was riding in the limo bus with morgan. the comedian is critical condition right now. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: nice afternoon, lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. tomorrow it goes downhill we'll see gray and clouds, 80 degrees
12:57 pm
maybe a downpour or two, same thing for tuesday, although tuesday we'll see more sun than monday, monday's sun will be limited if we see it at all. wednesday is nice, 82. thursday and friday more thunderstorms. >> a michigan teen is showing love for his little brother in a big way. it's called the cerebral swagger. the 14-year-old set out on a 40 mill treck with his 7-year-old strapped to his back. the teen is hoping to raise awareness about the muscle issue that affects his brother. >> for chris sowers i'm brian taff. we hope you have a great sunday, enjoy it. sweet retreats is next.
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for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm brian taff.
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best friends amy and tracy are in sedona, arizona to vacation and train for an upcoming marathon. hello sedona. they'll be staying for a month hiking, running and relaxing. by far the best kitchen we've seen. i have three gorgeous southwest houses for them to choose from. beautiful. amy loves the open space but does tracy? i'm not feeling it with this house. see which house makes it to the finish line. i'm rene syler. i've traveled the world for work and for fun and one of the things i've noticed is this growing trend of renting a house or an apartment while on vacation. it's a great fun alternative and the options are endless. from the mountains to the oceans to the cities and everything in between. get ready to tour some sweet retreats. ♪


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